Work Within The Multidisciplinary Team

Within mental health setting it is very common to see a multidisciplinary team. Every effort put in providing the best services, comes from team work. That works best and is effective in treating patients in the utmost way. This team is made up of 5 or more professionals, who are expertise of different fields, contributing to reach a betterment of their clients and patients they treat. Mental health conditions can be challenging and need close attention. The different skills and knowledge that each individual professional has contributes and necessary to tackle such challenging conditions. Putting together their expertise, they are on constant discussion to provide best caring needs to each individual they treat. Here are some most common multidisciplinary team members and the knowledge based work these team members share.

Providing Medication and Investigation

A psychiatrist who holds a degree in medicine, is the first most important member within the team. They are educated to handle mental health conditions. They carry the knowledge to carry out assessments on mental health conditions and investigate for physical illnesses within the condition. They are also the personal who can prescribe medication, to sooth mental health conditions. As much as working providing these important elements, a psychiatrist also has a wide knowledge about social interventions, community resources that can support in treatments.

Specialized talking therapies

The second most important member of the team provides specialized talking therapies. A clinical psychologist having had a degree in clinical psychology pursues further to specialize in different fields. Specialized talking therapies such as counselling is provided by them. They also assist with making several assessments, especially behavior related. Providing these talking therapies is very much effective today alongside of medication. These therapies can be one to one or in group depending on conditions.

Administer and monitoring

This is a very tactful and crucial task to provide. Psychiatric nurses having receiving education for assessment and providing of care to patients perform a couple of important tasks. They work in inpatients units, day units and even within the community and rehabilitation centers. They assess difficulties in clients, monitor daily of patient’s behaviors and changes, monitor medicine intakes and so forth. They assist with variety of therapies and provides an account during team discussions about progress of patients, as they are most likely the party that deals with the patient on a daily basis.

Other than these three main roles, supporting roles such as social workers and occupational therapist play a major role. Therapy is an essential part for perfect treatment plans, therefore occupational therapist prepares such therapies to bring patients back to reality. While on the other hand social workers look into al social support aspects and assist in providing further needs.