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PEMF As A Treatment Option

There is nothing that can be more disruptive than being struck down with illness when you least expect it. Severe illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, and cancer deepen the damage caused as you have to put your life on hold in terms of job, family, finances, career and anything else you may be involved in. In cases where the illness may have gone undetected for example a tumour discovered only in the final stage means you are also in a battle against time whilst trying to handle the extreme treatment of chemotherapy which can leave you weak and unable to do much else. However, the PEMF machine is a light in what can be considered a very dark time in one’s life and here is why.
CELL FUNCTIONTo understand how holistic practitioner certification work, you need some knowledge on how the human body functions and the importance of cells. Animals, humans and plants are made up of trillions of cells all which converge as a unit. They serve a number of purposes, including the elimination of waste, repair itself when damaged and of course perform its individualistic function based on what type of cell it is.  Magnetic fields are able to assist in the mobility of the necessary ions in order to step up cell function naturally when necessary which is why this machine has proven to be a highly successful option in the medical world.
PREVENTING CELL INJURYWe are all vulnerable, and cell injury is quite common but debilitating. In cases where one is a cancer patient, this is particularly magnified as cancer destroys cells at an extremely increased rate and spread across the body. The cells are unable to repair themselves in time to combat the attackers which leaves the body weakened from trying to win a losing battle. Damaged cells make it difficult to function as normal, however through the use of a magnetic field, you could even prevent future problems as the magnetic energy helps create protein within the cells which are useful in combatting wear and tear.
CURE OR TREATMENT?As much as PEMF machines are hailed for their many benefits and for its significance in the medical world, it is crucial to note that it is merely a treatment option and not a cure for diseases such as cancer and heart disease. What it can do is reduce the pain and discomfort you feel as a result of these diseases which can be quite exhausting. Its effects will be further enhanced when used in conjunction with other medication that may have been prescribed for your situation. While it is possible to replace one or two medicines for example painkillers, do not make it your only form of treatment.
DOCTOR’S ADVICEBefore you make any decisions by yourself based on information you have merely read about, visit your doctor if you want to know more. You should not be misled, and will need professional advice on something as significant as this. It is good to read websites and journals to get a general understanding of the subject, however you should not simply rely on that for your knowledge. If your doctor feels this may not be the right course of treatment for you, take the advice.