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6 Benefits Of Alternative Dispute Resolution


To save both money and time, a famous choice is now developing it is known as alternative dispute resolution. It is a result of growing legal bills and at times regular rounds of courts without any proper resolution. Moreover, in some counties, it is suggested that the parties involved usually try to resolve the issues through arbitration and mediation before pondering on litigation. There are various benefits that ADR can offer and some of these are mentioned below:

• Less Expensive

Any person who has been through various systems of court can brief you that it is really an expensive process. ADR is usually less expensive as compared to formal process of litigation.

• Less Stress

There is no doubt that going through the systems of court can lead to severe stress. However, in an environment of dispute resolution, the parties involved are treated in much more relaxed way. It is also believed that when a person discusses issues in a relaxed way, there is complete clarity of thought and so legal process can also move along efficiently and quickly.

• Confidentiality

All legal issues between the parties always are kept in the stern confidence.

• Control

Many times parties end up in the court but still they have a feel that they were not being properly heard enough or they were not able to put to the table what actually they feel and what actually they want to point down. In the process of family dispute resolution services in Perth, there is high control over parties involved and process, so parties will get equal opportunities to table what actually they feel about their case

• Sharing

In few instances, the parties might agree to share documentation and information which may be favourable to each other. It is certainly a great way to clear minor misunderstanding that has got out of the proportion.

• Choice

Parties involved have a right to decide the mediator or the arbitrator for their case. Both parties can even weigh different pros and cons of going through various formal litigations or going through ADR process.

There are various different types of process involved for alternative dispute resolution. The two most famous processes are meditation and arbitration.


Mediation differs from arbitration as here both parties will get assisted by the certified mediator whose work is to bring both parties together and to also find a suitable solution where parties can agree on final decision. There are family mediation centrethat offers services of meditation to parties involved.


Arbitration usually involves court like systematic approach where a qualified and professional arbitrator will hear the points of both sides prior to coming out with the final resolution and verdict. Arbitration is the choice made by parties who have also agreed to go through process of ADR instead of selecting the litigation path as a mean to resolve the conflicts.